Evan Renolds ultimately the owner and founder of Horseland, as well as the parents of Zoe and Chloe. Evan accomplished this by receiving a constant 90,000,000 horse dollars per week from his super rich parents which he mostly spent on video games. Before Horseland was a thing, it is legend that it used to be Lon Lon Ranch, and was passed down by several generations of Evan Renolds, such as Evan Renolds the First, the Second, Third, and so on until present day, where Evan Renolds the 54th owns what we know as Horseland. He was also four hundred pounds over weight, carries a brief case full of original Sonic the Hedgehog characters where ever he goes, and wears a white T-Shirt with the praise "Anime is not for little kids, stop saying that it is or I'll be very mean to you" written in sharpie.