Horseland is an US-American animated series produced by DIC Entertainment. It is a comic mischief program following events in the lives of a group of teens at Horseland, an equestrian school and stables. Their adventures include riding, and raising and entering their horses in competitions. The show premiered on September 16, 2006 as part of CBS's new Saturday morning cartoon block, KOL Secret Slumber Party on CBS (now Cookie Jar TV). Concurrent with the series, the online virtual pet game that it wasbased upon was updated to complement the show by launching a new "Junior version" of the game based on the program and featuring its various characters and locations. After three seasons, the show's original run ended on CBS on September 19, 2009. Reruns of Horseland then aired nationwide on the digital subchannel This TV; two episodes aired each weekend until September 2010.[1] As of February 5, 2011 Horseland is again part of Cookie Jar TV on CBS. It has 7 books for the series related to the episodes. The books can be purchased online.

The characters of Horseland are usually limited to the group of kids who frequent the stable: Sarah Whitney, Alma Rodriguez, Molly Washington, Will Taggert, Bailey Handler, Chloe Stilton, Zoey Stilton and Noni Cloud.



Other Horseland Characters

Second Season Characters

  • Simbala and Ronak
  • Jesse Golden and Buddy
  • Alexander Buglick and Bucephalus
  • Mary Whitney and Prince
  • Talia Bentley and Kisses
  • Madison and Diablo
  • Chase Whitney and Wonder
  • Other Second Season Characters
  • Jasmine and Amber
  • Princess Linia, Alexia, and Windy
  • Competitors
  • Puma
  • Wild Horses
  • River
  • Mesa
  • Buttercup
  • Mosey
  • Cream and Sugar
  • Other Animals

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